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Learning How to Use Op-Amps with Various Feedback Control Ty

2015-02-28 02:09  
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If you need to learn abouthow to use op-amps with various types of feedback control, you may consider to read thePin configuration of the 741 op-amp ICfollowing article. An op-amp, or operational amplifier is a DC-coupled high-gain electronic voltage amplifier with (single) differential inputs, it is a voltage amplifiers with very high gain.

AnOperational Amplifierhas two inputs, there are the non-inverting input and the inverting input. By knowing both two inputs and the open loop gain, an output voltage is achieved with relationships among those variables. You will need such 741 op-amp, bread board, assorted resistors and capacitors, DMM, and oscilloscope in order to accomplish using op-amps with various feedback control type, according to the article.

In the article below, you will be described withthe PIN configuration of 741 op-amp(an IC in a mini Dual In-Line Package/DIP), an inverting linear op-amp circuit, a non-inverting linear op-amp circuit diagram, and first-order low-pass filter circuit diagram. Complete read ofLearning How to Use Op-Amps with Various Feedback Control Typecan be downloaded in this Op-Amps Article (pdf format) here (source: physics.indiana.edu)