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Microcontroller based Fast data aquisition circuit

2015-03-02 09:08  
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In the present work, a special microcontroller-based data acquisition and control system was designed and fabricated, for fast and accurate flow measurements with programmable modes of operation. The system can apply predetermined power to the heater and simultaneously is able of monitoring both the thermopile signal and the heater current. An RS232  connection was also implemented for the communication with the outside world.This diagram shows a high speed data acquisition system with 8 differential inputs and 12-bit resolution using the AM-543. If the control logic is timed so that the Sample-Hold-ADC section is converting one analog value while the mux-amplifier section is allowed to settle to the next input value, throughout rates greater than 156 KHz can be achieved.The  AM-543 is used with Datel's ADV-817, a 12-bit hybrid A/D with a 2 /isec conversion rate, the SHM-6, a 0.01%, 1 /isec hybrid Sample-Hold, and the MX-1616.The interface circuit was adapted to the micromechanical flow sensor for evaluation. Various sensor parameters were extracted in both laminar and turbulent flow conditions. The sensor responses with three operation modes (constant voltage, power and temperature) were also obtained.

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