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Motor direction controller schematic showing

2015-02-28 21:40  
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 This article is the direction of the motor controller schematic presentation. By convention, in order to better grasp the principles you are, we recommend you to combine text read schematics. This circuit can control a small DC motor, such as 1/1 tape recorder. When the two points a & B is "high" in sections I and II are saturated. Thus, the third quarter is based on the progress of the ground. Therefore, the third and fourth quarter, from Q5 Q6 are. The motor voltages are the same, so the motor is turned off the terminal. Similarly, A, and B are both "low" motor is turned off. When a high and B low, Q1 saturated, Q2 is turned off, the third and fourth quarters of the foundation is the ground, and Q4 and Q5 are high. Therefore, Q4 and Q5 conduct making the right motion of the terminal more positive than the left and the motor is. When a low and B is high, the left end of the motor is more positive than the right and the motor rotation in the opposite direction. I could just use SL / SK100s, but the ones I used to have a very low hFE ~ 70, they will enter the active region 3 v (2.9 v is what I got from the computer high), so I had to use BC148s. You can take off  BC148  if you have SL / SK100 has considerable value (such as 150). hFE transistor diode protection arising from the sudden reversal of soaring motor. Testament. Cost of the circuit without a car is about 40 rupees. Using this circuit note: You can change the power supply voltage depends on the motor, the only thing is that it should be a 2 or 3 v exceeds the rated motor voltage (up to a Max. 35 v). If you are a first reading on this principle, we recommend that you carefully read several times in order to better fully grasp this simple but effective circuit.


Discrete component motor direction controller


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