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Radio Control/RS-232 over FM Radio

2015-03-02 19:39  
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Here isDecoderandEncoderforFM transmitterandFM radio Receiver, This circuit is a solution for transmit data in long distance.

The RF Solutions RF600E, & RF600D are easy to use encoder and decoder I/C’s. They have been designed to achieve the maximum possible range from any radio / Infra Red transmitter receiver set.
Unlike other encoder /decoder devices the RF600E/600D provide an unprecedented level of security which prevents copying or grabbing whist also obtaining optimum range from the transmitter and receiver.
The devices are very easy to use and can be inserted directly into a circuit. The RF600D has an easy learn feature enabling it to learn up to 7 unique RF600E encoder devices in standalone mode or up to 48 encoder devices when used in conjunction with an external EEPROM. These devices enable a simple but secure remote telemetry application whilst obtaining the maximum range from the radio set.

The RF600D has a serial data output. This outputs the serial number, button and battery status of the transmitter encoder (RF600E) it has successfully received. It also gives an indication of which inputs of the encoder have been activated and the status of the encoder battery. This data may be fed directly to a microcontroller or RS232 type driver circuit which may then be fed directly to a PC serial port. (An RS232 serial data output is provided on SA123 & RFEVAL2).
Serial data is output continually whilst data is being received from the RF600E transmitter. i.e. this output is valid regardless of whether the RF600E encoder has been learnt to the RF600D decoder or not. If the user requires the serial number of pre-learnt RF600E encoders only, then the serial output should be configured only to output data when one of the digital outputs from the RF600D is asserted. (Digital outputs from the RF600E will only activate when a RF600E encoder has been pre-learnt.)

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