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SH84 Music Lantern Control Circuit

2015-03-01 17:03  
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SH84 Music Lantern Control Circuit
Shown in the figure is the  SH84  eight four musical lantern control circuit, SH84 memory of eight songs, can directly drive the piezoelectric buzzer sounds, and can simultaneously drive four lanterns so that they light up one by one. And turn off, the lantern to follow the music beat rhythmically flashing. SH84 parts Christmas trees, decorative lighting, cabinet chip, the application circuit is shown.

SH84 is a CMOS process, the use of flaky black cream and soft package. The chip's operating voltage range of 3 ~ 5.5V.

SH84 as the core components of the holiday lights, is driven by thyristor to VTH1 ~ VTH4 lantern the EL1 ~ EL4 in Multi's. The operating voltage is 220V AC by VD1 ~ VD4 bridge rectifier, R2, buck, VS regulator and C2 filter. SH84 2-pin output of the music signal amplification by the transistor VT voice to drive the piezoelectric buzzer HA. Adjust potentiometers RP can control the sound volume.