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Speed-Control Switch Circuit

2015-02-28 03:16  
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A speed control circuit for a dc brushless motor includes a switch circuit and a voltage-detection circuit. The voltage-detection circuit is actuated depending upon high or low voltage of power supply to thereby cause the switch circuit to output high or low operating voltage to a driver circuit of the motor in response to changes of the voltage of the power supply. The motor is adjusted and operated at desired speeds by a rated range of input voltages according to the high or low operating voltage.A center-tapped 240-V transformer is used with two SCR  devices to provide rectified ac (pulsating dc) to MOT1.Ql is a UJT ramp generator used to generate trigger pulses for SCR1 and SCR2. Electronic speed switches open or close a set of contacts through a relay and an electronic circuit. A proximity speed switch is a non-contacting speed switch relying on a proximity sensor to pickup a rotating piece of ferrous metal.

Speed-Control Switch Circuit Circuit