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Stereo Mixer With Pan Controls

2015-03-01 04:57  
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This stereo mixer has two mono mixers and a modification to the microphone inputs. When a microphone is in u
Stereo Mixer With Pan Controls

se, the microphone`s output is fed to the microphone input of the circuit. The signal is then run into R1 and R2 (which are used as faders). The signal is then split into two different paths by resistors R3 and R4, with which it is possible to change the place of the microphone inputs within the stereo panorama. The stereo line inputs are for that purpose. Joining the microphone inputs with the output of some other source (such as a tape deck, turntable, etc.), all the signals are fed to the inverting input of an op amp. The output reaches the master-fade potentiometers, which control output level.

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