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The Easy and Hassle Free DPLC Programmable Controller

2015-02-28 16:57  
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Do you want to know, what the DPLC programmable controller capable to do with your daily programming task?

This DPLC programmable controller is a simple project, which it's suitable for those beginners that want to involve themselves in the programmable controller projects.

This DPLC programmable controller is compatible and will be a good application for:

    Any projects that needs a simple and cheap brainReplace the relay logic when it's too complex or expensive to affordThe small industrial applicationsAny suitable application, where PLCs are needed in a project (You can trace it in the lighting application, water pumps and much more)

    Firstly, this DPLC programmable controller can be programmed in a simple language, and with 65536 bytes, which is also equal to 8192 instruction (The 8 bytes instructions).

    This DPLC is a PLC that has 16 inputs and 16 outputs. Since this is a piggyback module, you have to put the hardware that requires or choose from some standard HW.

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