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The Handy Board Cricket Robotics Controller (2N2219A)

2015-02-28 05:47  
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The Handy Board - The Cricket - Robotics Controller

The Handy Board is a 6811-based microcontroller system that lets you build mobile robots for educational, hobbyist, and industrial purposes. People use the Handy Board to run robot design courses and competitions at the university and high school level, build robots for fun, and control industrial devices. This site is the home page and resource center for users of the Handy Board.

The Cricket is a tiny robotics controlleris much smaller than the Handy Board, weighing only a few ounces.

can control two motors and can accept two sensors, plus it has an expansion port for additional devices.has a built-in infra-red port, so Crickets can communicate with each other.is powered by four AA batteries.is programmed using “Cricket Logo,” a version of the powerful, yet easy-to-learn Logo language.  


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