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Tone Control Using TDA1524

2015-03-03 19:53  
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Circuit diagram is one of the circuit diagram to set the tone. Circuit diagram This is controlled by using the tone control IC TDA 1524 the type that includes all of the balance of bass and treble volume in one IC TDA 1524 a. You can setting a potentiometer, in several series, changes the voltage on the center potentiometer ic work. Will be presented and links to sites that provide free tutorials and electronic circuits. The following is a schematic drawing:

Tone control Using TDA15241 Tone Control Using TDA1524

Part :
C1, C3, C5, C7, C15, c16 = 2.2uf
C2, C6 = 0.05uF
C4 = 0.22uF
C8, C10 = 0.015uF
C9 = 100uF
C11, C12, C13, C14 = 0.1uF
R1, R4 = 10K 1/4W
R2, R5 = 33K 1/4W
R3, R6 = 4.7K 1/4W
R7 = 2.2k 1/4W
R8, R9, R10, R11 = 50K Linear Pot
U1 = Tone Control IC TDA1524A
S1 = SPST Switch
J1, j2, J3, J4 = 4 connectors RCA Jacks

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