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Using the TPIC46L01/02 for ABS Control Serial Data Transfer

2015-03-02 23:55  
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The TPIC46L01/02is a 6-channel Power IC low side pre-FET driver fromTexas Instrumentsprovide either serial andCircuit Schematic of the TPIC46L01_02 PreFET Driverparalel interfaces that are well-applied for ABS control applications. You can enter many typical sensor inputs such Battery/Ignition, Steering Rate, Front/Rear Wheel Speed, Brake Switch, Yaw Rate, and etc into theABS control deviceand get an ABS solenoids control output through the TPIC46L01/02.

Typical ABS control application devicerequire gate drive capability from 3-8 A continuous current. The TPIC46L01/02 provide gate drive and protection to switch discrete FETs used for high current requirements. It performs real-time fault indicators through a fault interrupt line (FLT) which serves as a flag to the microcontroller as protection. If you require a real time control, parallel control interface is the option, thena serial interfacecan be used if you need for controlling aplications where there are no critical response time and needs pin count to be minimized just like in thisABS control applicationwhen used TPIC46L01/02.

According to theTPIC46L01/02 datasheet, the responsible parts in serial input data transfer are chip select (CS), serial clock (SCLK), serial data input (SDI) and SDO. A serial peripheral type interface (SPI) is used to connect the predriver to the microcontroller inputs – see and click the figure. Complete explanation aboutUsing the TPIC46L01/02 for ABS Control Serial Data Transfercan be found in this TPIC46L01/02 Datasheet (source: focus.ti.com.cn)