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full-wave Triac Motor speed control

2015-02-28 02:44  
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A motor speed control including a fullwave diode bridge rectifier for rectifying alternating current received from a supply circuit, a triac coupled in a series loop circuit with the bridge rectifier and the supply line for controlling the flow of current through the bridge rectifier during both positive and negative half-cycles of the supply line voltage, and a control circuit for controlling the firing of the triac, the control circuit including a diac coupled in series with a timing capacitor. A speed-setting potentiometer, coupled in series with the timing capacitor , is utilized for selecting the operating speed of the motor.Universal motors and shade d-pole induction motors can be easily controlled with a full-wave Triac speed controller. Q1 combines both the triac and diac trigger diodes in the same case. The  motor used for the load must be limited to 6 amperes maximum. Triac Ql must be provided with a heat sink.With the component values shown, the Triac controls motor speed`from full off to full on.
Motor speed control