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100kHz Half Bridge Convertor

2016-01-18 22:01  
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This is a SMPS Circuit application very close to the Application Note in the book SGS Motion Control Application Manual. This worked well. Read about SG2525 – SG3525 – PWM SMPS Regulator Chip.

Some Notes Related to the Project

In main circuit do not link different grounds.Main circuit can be used both for 110 AC and 230 ACFerrites are partial conductors use proper insulation before winding.For main transformer TRX2 use split bobbin for good/safe isolation.Epoxy coated toroids have to be further insulated before winding.Line of isolation between primary and secondary circuits should be explicit.Primary components like Q1, Q2 tabs R5, R6 etc can give shock take caution.Each main module is 500W and can be used in parallel for more current.Q1 and Q2 should have appropriate isolated heatsinks TO220 type 50sq cmSchottky diodes D5, D6 should have heatsinks TO220 type 100sq cm.Diodes D5, D6 eg D83004 are TOP3 packages are used 2 in parallel.For 200W and above R2=0.1e 5W in the main circuit fusible ceramic.C10, C11… Add 4.7uF 100v more in parallel to reduce ripple.C13, C14 can be 250V for better safety margin.TRX1 SEC1 and SEC2 dot polarity is anti-phase if same phase danger!!

100kHz Half Bridge Convertor - SG3525
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Magnetics Design

All Transformers Isolation 1kV PRI To SEC / SEC To SEC / PRI,SEC To Core. Use Yellow Mylar Tape Insulation or better for all. Vacuum Impregnate all Magnetics in Epoxy or Varnish. All Power Tracks on PCB reinforce with Copper Braid.

TRX1 Mosfet Drive Transformer

T25.0 MGQ-5L Hitachi – Type Torroid – 100khz Signal

PRI1 20 Turns #22 AwgSEC1 9 Turns #22 AwgSEC2 9 Turns #22 Awg

486T250-3C8 Ferroxcube – SEC1 And SEC2 Antiphase

TRX2 Stepdown Invertor Transformer

EC52 Siemens/Hitachi – Can Be ETD/EER Cosmo Ferrites

PRI1 22 Turns 2 Layers (44 Turns) – 2* #16 Awg(18 Swg) In Parallel.SEC1 4 Turns Ct Copper Strap 0.01″ * 0.8″ Copper Strap

Coper Strap/Ribbon used, cause Hi-Freq Skin Effects, PRI 2 Wires paralleled for same reason.
EC52-3C8 Ferroxcube Phillips

Trx3 Current Feedback Trx

T25.0 MGQ-5L Hitachi – Type Torroid – 100khz Signal

PRI1 1 Turn 4 Amps MaxSEC1 20 Turns #22 Awg CT.Ceter Tap 10T-CT-10T

486T250-3C8 Ferroxcube

L1 Series 60A-80A Inductor

Type EC/ETD/EER EC42 Hitachi – Air Gap In Inductor Core Both Sides
100khz Power IF30-3C8 Ferroxcube – 6 Turns 4*#12 AWG In Parallel

4 Wires Of 12 AWG Twisted & Wound For 6 Turns (Use Less AWG For Less I)

TRX5 50hz Transformer Small

PRI1 & PRI2 115vSEC1 24V 0.2AJP2 2-3 Short 230VPRI1 & PRI2 In Parallel For 110VJP1 1-2 Short 230V 2-3 Short 110V


This is A 10mH Common Mode Filter

The Reference Application on ST Half Bridge Convertor – SG3525

PCB Layout

500W SMPS Copper Side500W SMPS Silk Screen500W SMPS Solder Mask500W SMPS Drill TemplateMain Card – 500W SMPSSG3525 Module Card

The PCB of module will be added later, if i locate it. It is small and be designed easily.

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