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12VDC to 37V DC converter by SG3524

2016-01-17 22:06  
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12VDC to 37V DC converter by SG3524
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When my friend of I wants DC to DC converter circuit 37V GND -37V sizes use an automobile s have Voltage 12VDC. By he takes this circuit goes to Power Supply with , Mosfet Power Amplifier 100W RMS. A hand sees 12VDC to 37V DC converter Circuit this. Will use prominent equipment interesting be IC SG3524 (Regulating Pulse-Width Modulators) Then be usable easy and convenient. Besides still power mosfet number BUZ11 6 amounts are perform drive a pot modifies the Secretariat of the Senate runs away to give electric tall many power. The detail is other see in circuit picture sir. Hope you guys had a great weekend.

View IC-SG3524

source: http://www.geocities.com/pa_schematics/SMPS.html

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