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12V to 220V converter circuit

2016-01-19 09:49  
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This DIY 12V to 220V voltage converter is build with CMOS 4047 that is the main component of this small voltage converter that transforms a12V DC into 220V AC. 4047 is used as a astable mutivibrator, at pins 10 and 11 will have a symmetrical rectangular signal wich is amplified b 2 Darlington transistors and finally reach the secondary coil of mains transformer ( 2x10V / 60VA ).

At the main voltage converter transformer terminals it will be 220V.
With the help of P1 the output frequency can be adjusted between 50Hz to 400Hz. Although this is not part of any professional dc ac converters it can be used quite effective on some home appliances.

Power Bright PW6000-12 Power Inverter
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Sunforce 11260
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12V to 220V Voltage Converter Circuit Diagram

12V 220V converter

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