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12V to 9V 2A step down dc converter using IC 741 and 2N3055

2016-01-18 11:32  
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This circuit designs for modify power supply input 12V from battery or the other. Have the level voltage be down be left 9V be stable or , 9V at 2 Amp DC power supply . By this circuit gives usual equipment , seek easy. Be integrated circuit IC 741 and power transistor 2N3055. Besides this circuit still can fine to differ out voltage with well and have picture stability although load modify. The zener diode 8.2V be formed fix stable reference or voltage the referable at pin3 of the integrated circuit and the VR1 for give fine the level volt output.

12V to 9V 2A step down dc converter using IC 741 and 2N3055

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