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1Hz to 100MHz Voltage to Frequency Converter Has 160dB Dynam

2016-01-19 12:19  
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View Full Size Image View Original Application Note1Hz to 100MHz Voltage to Frequency Converter Has 160dB Dynamic Range, Runs From 5V Supply

This circuit achieves a wider dynamic range and higher output frequency than any commercially available voltage to frequency (V→F) converter. Its 100MHz full scale output (10% over range to 110MHz is provided) is at least ten times faster than available units. The circuit’s 160dB dynamic range (8 decades) allows continuous operation down to 1Hz. Additional specifications include 0.1% linearity, 250ppm/°C gain temperature coefficient, 1Hz/°C zero shift, 0.1% frequency shift for Vsupply = 5V ±10% and a 0V to 5V input range. A single 5V supply powers the circuit.

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