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30V to ?15V DC Converter

2016-01-19 15:23  
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30V to ±15V DC Converter schematics can be use to supply low power amplifier with bipolar supply

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Unipolar to Bipolar DC Converter 30V to ±15V power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.Low Power Bipolar Stabilizer
The stabilizer is made ??on the integrated circuit KR142EN6. IC is a bipolar voltage regulator with an output voltage of / -15 V. Maximum load current is 200 mA. Enough to supply a pre-amplifier or the early stages of ...

Unipolar to Bipolar DC Converter 30V to ±15V
Maximum input voltage for this circuit is 30 volts . Thus, the output, we get ±15 Volts. current load - 1A . The principle of the converter similar to a compensation voltage. DA1 exemplary chip compares the voltage to the ...

Bipolar /- 15V and 5V from Car Battery supply
This DC to DC Converter use Max 541 from Maxim, IC1 is a switching regulator that generates a 45-kHz signal that drives the gate of MOSFET Q1 BUZ71A from Motorolla. The source?of?this?power supply?comes from?a 12V?car?battery voltage. This DC?to?DC?converter have an ...

DC to DC Converter 12V to ± 38V
The core of the Car DC to DC Converter 12V to ± 38 VDC is a pulse generator built on the TL494 chip. The circuit is designed to provide power supply to Monoblock Car Amplifier TDA7294. Generator frequency can be ...

Simple 12V to 9, 7.5 or 6V converter
You're traveling and you forgot to bring DC to DC converter in your car, but you need it. This simple DC to DC converter circuit can help you. This DC to DC converter circuit enables transistorized items such as radio, ...

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