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6V to 12V DC Voltage Converter circuit diagram

2016-01-17 18:26  
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This is the active circuit for voltage doubling from 6 volt to 12 volt DC. The IC is used as switcher device.
Schematic diagram:

6V to 12V DC Voltage Converter circuit

Components and its usage

ICSwitcher/regulatorLM2577T-ADJ (National Semiconductor)
R1and R2Voltage devider for monitoring output voltage20Kohms pot. (Bourns)
CinDecoupling0.1?F, 63V MKS condensator (WIMA)
LUse a good quality coil!160?H toroοd (2.5A, 70mohms, nickel-iron core)
DCurrent higher than output current!FR603 60V reverse breakdown, 3A Schottky-diode
Rcand CcPole-zero compensation network2200ohms, 5% and 1?F, 63V elco (Philips)
CoutGet a low ESR type!2200?F, 16V elco (Telecon)

PCB layout:

6V to 12V DC Voltage Converter circuit



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