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AD7711 A/D Converter (ADC) Connection Diagram and Datasheet

2016-01-19 12:00  
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The AD7711 is a sigma-delta (charge balancing) A/D Converter? with on-chip digital filtering to measure wide dynamicThe 7711 Charge Balance AD converter basic connection diagramrange, low frequency signals. It can be operated in single-supply systems that the analog input voltage does not go more negative than -30mV. The following picture shows you withthe basic connection diagram of AD7711.

The picture tells you the external clocking mode with both AVdd and DVdd pins ofthe AD7711that is driven from analog 5V supply. This device used to be applied on applications such as RTD transducers, Process Control, Smart Transmitters, and portable industrial instruments as it is a complete analog front end for low frequency measurements applications.

The AD7711 outlines on-chip current sources provide excitation for 3-wire and 4-wire RTD configurations, on-chip self calibration (removes zero scale and full-scale errors), ideal for microcontroller, allows user to read and write the on-chip calibration registers. See more detailed aboutAD7711 A/D Converter (ADC), the functional block diagram, basic connection diagramin this AD7711 Datasheet (source: analog.com)