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AT9933 Datasheet and Design for a Boost-Buck Converter Circu

2016-01-19 06:11  
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AT9933 variable frequency PWM controller IC used to be applied on automotive LED lighting to control lamp driver usingDesign Example of Boost-Buck Converter Circuit Diagrama low noise boost buck topology. And herein a picture perform a design example circuit for the converter using AT9933, in the end you are provided with the datasheet.

In theAT9933 datasheet, there are sections explained such as the power topology (boost-buck DC/DC converter), input voltage regulator function, setting the minimum input voltage at VIN pin, reference used to set the current thresholds of comparators, current comparators feature, achieving PWM dimming, adding over-voltage protection, build a damping circuit, and input and output current limits.

For details on functional description andDesign for a Boost-Buck Converter Circuitplease refer to the AT9933 datasheet (source: supertex.com)