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A/D Converter with LT1018

2016-01-19 00:29  
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The converter has a 60-ms conversion consumes 460 pA of 1's. 5 V power supply and maintains an accuracy of 10 bits on a 15 ?° C in the temperature range of 35 ?° C. A pulse applied to convert the command line causes Q3, operating in reverse mode, the discharge path through the diode 10 kO, forcing its collector low. Q3 results of reverse mode switching in a capacitor discharge to 1 mV of ground. During the time of the ramp value is less than the input voltage, output of the CIA is low.
A/D Converter with LT1018

This allows pulses ClB stabilized quartz oscillator, modulating Q4. The output data appears at the collector of Q4. When the ramp crosses the starting value of the output voltages of the CIA is going up, Q4 polarization and output data continuously. The number of pulses at the output is directly proportional to the input voltage. To celebrate cali apply 0.5V to the input and the TRIM-10 kO exactly 1000 pulses each time the conversion from the command line is pulsed.

Datasheet file1: Click here to download 2N5089.pdf datasheet.

Datasheet file2: Click here to download LT1034.pdf datasheet.

Datasheet file3: Click here to download HP5082.pdf datasheet.

Datasheet file4: Click here to download 2N5087.pdf datasheet.

Datasheet file5: Click here to download 2N3904.pdf datasheet.

Datasheet file6: Click here to download LT1018.pdf datasheet.

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