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Carbon Mic Replacement To Magnetic Mike Converter Circuit

2016-01-18 02:35  
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Carbon Microphone To Magnetic Mike MIC Converter

Carbon Microphone Replacement To Magnetic Mike Converter Circuit

A good? magnetic mic is more better then a carbon mic and easy to findnowadays.

Good pitching beats good hitting and a good magnetic mic beats a good carbon mic. This one transistor carbon mic converter takes a carbon mic input and converts it to the magnetic variety. Note that no ground connection is used, even if the circuit is built in a metal cabinet. MIC is replacement type magnetic element that is substituted for the original carbon element.

Carbon Microphone To Magnetic Mike MIC Converter Circuit

MICMicrophone magnetic replacement element

Using miniature components the entire converter amplifier can also be housed in the original microphone case. To avoid destruction of Q1, the unit must be connected properly the first time. The “ ” lead, which goes to Q1′s collector, connects to the carbon mic input that supplies a positive voltage.

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