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DC 12V to DC 6V-7.5V-9V Converter using 2N3055

2016-01-18 19:40  
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This circuit is DC to DC converter model step down voltage. That can modifyvoltage input 12VDC from be DC 6V , 7.5V and 9V by have the size current about 1A – 2 Amp think. Be easy circuit use Zener diode maintain one’s position voltage. Be stable and have transistor 2N3055. When you several examples of the output voltage 6Vout, R1 =330 , ZD1=6.6V ; 7.5Vout, R1 = 270 , ZD1 = 8.2V ; 9Vout , R1=180 , ZD1=10V ; Perform enlarge the trend tallly go up fully be usable next , see the detail in the circuit and read to add

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