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DC DC Converter Circuit

2016-01-18 20:24  
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DC DC converter circuit for Laptops

DC DC converter circuitis an important part for portable electronic devices that use batteries as main power supply, such as laptop computers, mobile phones, and other such devices. As in the usual laptop needs a DC voltage range 19V-20V to operate and to use battery operation has been mounted internally or use external power supply with AC power as a source.

What to do when the only available as a source of DC power that is even much lower than 19V? Here, it takes a DC DC converter by using a lower voltage to produce the required output voltage of 19V. Most DC to DC converter also regulated the output.

Another reason, the voltage drop due to the use of dry batteries. So that a sub-circuit is required to maintain a fixed output voltage equal to input voltage change to the lowest possible voltage levels. SwitchedDC DC converter circuitto offer this feature, including the use of laptops in the vehicle where the available input voltage 12V battery.

Car DC DC Converter Circuit Diagram

The following DC DC converter can function as a laptop power supply and can be used to charge your laptop battery. It can be connected to the cigar lighter socket of the car to produce a supply of clean and stable DC 19V/5A, from a 12V battery supply. Enough and more for a laptop!

Car DC DC Converter Circuit

Car DC DC Converter Circuit

Car DC DC Converter - PCB - Parts List

Car DC DC Converter - PCB - Parts List

This DC DC Converter uses a SMPS controller IC UC3843 in the design, which is a fixed frequency current-mode PWM controller. It is specially designed for Off-Line and DC to DC converter applications with minimum external components. For the voltage amplifier transistor, used as a driver BD139/BD140 pair to amplify the final IRL2505 MOSFET transistor. Hopefully this circuit diagram is useful and applicable to a simpleDC DC converter circuit.

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