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DC converter 6V to 12V by BD679

2016-01-17 05:42  
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This circuit is power supply circuit, again the circuit that have the merit is if we want dc voltage 12V but , we have 6 volt only the circuit can modify DC voltage 6 Volt be 12VDC get.

The principle works of the circuit is Q1, Q2, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, D1, C1 and C2 build the circuit is model astable multi vibrator give output be Square Wave. Which be positive pulse signal at have many frequency. And have R6 perform be limit current already flow come to reach at a pin B of Q3 and a pin C of Q4 in this condition current at flow come in pin way B of Q3 make Q3 bias. But Q4 still not bias. Because of still have no current bias at a pin B. When Q3 bias make have current flow through L1, D2 change ZD1 cause drop voltage at ZD1.

DC converter 6V to 12V by BD679

Which be output voltage and voltage this increase continually poverty voltage that equal to 12 the volt. By have R7 be limit current already change come in the way pin B of Q4 make Q4 work be make Q3 stop bias. Then make output voltage be 0 volt, but when positive pulse signal that made come to then change come to at R6 then make Q3 bias again. And work character as before but there are many speeds then can make output that appear can come out 12 volt all the time by have C3 perform in something current filter smoothly before increasingly lead output voltage go to be usable.

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