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DC to DC Converter for Hybrid Vehicle Circuit Schematic

2016-01-19 10:39  
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The bidirectionalDC-DC converter for Hybrid Vehicleis shown in the herein circuit schematic which is operating as ahybrid car converter circuit diagramboost converter. This DC-DC converter being designed to operate within modern hybrid and electric vehicle systems and has low weight, small size, high efficiency, and is cost effective.

The schematic appears hard-switched dual-interleaved boost converter with Interphase Transformer (IPT). It such a new DC-DC converter being developed by UK industrial and academic partners since this device can be used to interface the elements in the electric power train by boosting or chopping the voltage levels.

See more about the efficient circuit topology, a high-performance, liquid-cooled heat sink, and real-time condition monitoring techniques for the power devices in the completedDC to DC Converter for Hybrid Vehicle Circuit Schematicin pdf format type (source: hiltechdevelopments.com).