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Dual Input Single 3.3V/4A Output Step Down Converter Circuit

2016-01-18 22:30  
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Below circuit appears Dual Input Single 3.3V/4A Output Step Down Converter using LT3692 monolithic dual tracking step down regulator. This LT3692 used to be applied in automotive supplies and distributed supply regulation.

3.3V_4A step down converter

According to the datasheet,LT3692 is a dual current mode PWM step-down DC/DC converter with two internal 3.8A switches. Independent input voltage, shutdown, feedback, soft-start, current limit and comparator pins for each channel simplify complex
power supply tracking and sequencing requirements

See more complete about this power supply dual input single 3.3V/4A output stepdown converter circuit diagram by download the datasheet in pdf filetype here. (source: linear.com)