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Fairchild LM331 Voltage to Frequency Converter Datasheet

2016-01-19 22:48  
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ThisLM331 voltage to frequency convertercommonly used in circuit for analog to digital conversion, frequency to voltage conversion, linear frequency modulation, and many more. It provides the output pulse train at a frequency properly to the applied input voltage and can operate at 4.0V power supply and be changed output frequency from 1Hz to 100Khz, according tothe datasheet.

LM331 internal block diagram

There are several typical circuit applications using thisV-F converterthat can be found inthe LM331 datasheetsuch as Precision Voltage to Frequency 100Khz Full Scale, Simple Frequency to Voltage Converter 10KHz Full-Scale, and Light Intensity to Frequency Converter.

FindFairchild LM331 Voltage to Frequency Converter Datasheethere –http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet/fairchild/LM331.pdf