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LM2700 Step-Up PWM DC/DC Converter Datasheet

2016-01-18 06:37  
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LM2700 step-up PWM DC/DC converteris an ideal part for biasing LCD displays. It features internal switch, pin selectableStep Up PWM DC DC Converter Datasheet and Circuit Diagramfrequency for easy filtering and low noise, over temperature protection circuit and adjustable output voltage up to 17.5V. It used to be applied on applications such as handheld, GSM/CDMA Phones, digital cameras and portable applications.

Find sections such the typical application circuit, 14-Lead TSSOP or LLP package connection diagram, pin description, operation circuit example of LM2700 (continuous conduction mode, setting the output voltage, DC gain and Loop gain, inductor and diode selection, input and output capcitor selection, and etc), and the application circuit information related to the operation functions in the datasheet.

Detailed information about thisStep-Up PWM DC/DC Convertercan be download in the LM2700 Datasheet (source: national.com).