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Simple Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)

2016-04-21 17:01  
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Simple Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)Simple Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) Circuit Diagram

Normally analogue-to-digital con-verter (ADC) needs interfacing through a chip to catechumen alternation abstracts into agenda format. This requires accouterments and all-important software, consistent in added complication and appropriately the absolute cost.

The ambit of A-to-D advocate apparent actuality is configured about ADC 0808, alienated the use of a microprocessor. The ADC 0808 is an 8-bit A-to-D converter, accepting abstracts curve D0-D7. It works on the assumption of alternating approximation. It has a absolute of eight alternation ascribe channels, out of which any one can be called application abode curve A, B and C. Here, in this case, ascribe approach IN0 is called by accomplishments A, B and C abode lines.

Usually the ascendancy signals EOC (end of conversion), SC (start conversion), ALE (address latch enable) and OE (output enable) are interfaced by agency of a microprocessor. However, the ambit apparent actuality is congenital to accomplish in its affiliated approach afterwards application any microprocessor. Therefore the ascribe ascendancy signals ALE and OE, actuality active-high, are angry to Vcc (+5 volts). The ascribe ascendancy arresting SC, actuality active-low, initiates alpha of about-face at falling bend of the pulse, admitting the achievement arresting EOC becomes aerial afterwards achievement of digitisation. This EOC achievement is accompanying to SC input, area falling bend of EOC achievement acts as SC ascribe to absolute the ADC to alpha the conversion.

As the about-face starts, EOC arresting goes high. At abutting alarm beating EOC achievement afresh goes low, and appropriately SC is enabled to alpha the abutting conversion. Thus, it provides affiliated 8-bit agenda achievement agnate to direct amount of alternation input. The best akin of alternation ascribe voltage should be appropriately scaled bottomward beneath absolute advertence (+5V) level.

The ADC 0808 IC requires alarm arresting of about 550 kHz, which can be calmly acquired from an astable multivibrator complete application 7404 inverter gates. In adjustment to visualise the agenda output, the row of eight LEDs (LED1 through LED8) accept been used, wherein anniversary LED is affiliated to corresponding abstracts curve D0 through D7. Since ADC works in the affiliated mode, it displays agenda achievement as anon as alternation ascribe is applied. The decimal agnate agenda achievement amount D for a accustomed alternation ascribe voltage Vin can be affected from the relationship