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The LT1109 Step-Up DC/DC Converter Datasheet and Circuit Dia

2016-01-19 18:25  
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If you need to construct a simpleDC/DC Converterwhich can deliver 5V at 100mA from 3V input or 12 V at 60 mA from aLT1109 Step Up DC DC Converter typical application5V input, you may consider the LT1109 IC series fromLinear Technology.It is available in 8-pin version features a logic controlled shutdown pin that turns off the oscillator when taken low.

Thecircuit diagramperforms the typical application of this device. According to datasheet, another feature of LT1109 are uses Off-the-Shelf Inductors, require only 33uH inductor, 120 KHz Oscillator, only three external components needed to design a completeDC/DC converter device, and 1.6V minimum start-up voltage. Therefore, this IC can be applied in battery powered equipment, 3-5V Converter or 5V-12V Converters, Flash memory VPP generators, peripherals, disk drives and etc.

Please see more aboutThe LT1109 Step-Up DC/DC Converterin LT1109 Datasheet, and see circuit diagrams such bootstrapping circuit operation, 3V to 5V Converter with Shutdown, and 3-Pin Package Flash Memory VPP Generator.