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Three Wire RS232 To RS485 Converter

2016-01-17 18:08  
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The  schematic diagram  below show the circuit diagram of an  RS232 to RS485 converter circuit . The  EIA-485  standard, a.k.aTIA/EIA-485orRS-485,is a physical layer standard defining the electrical properties of electronic drivers and receivers using balanced digital signal which is capable of handling multipoint systems. The ANSI Telecommunications Industry Association/Electronic Industries Alliance (TIA/EIA) is the organization who publish this standard. Using? the EIA-485 standard in application made it possible to transfer data robustly over long distances with high electrical noise environments. This standard is? designed to allow multiple receivers to be connected in a linear, multi-drop configuration. These feature is very useful in industrial environments or? similar applications.



THREE WIRE RS232 TO RS485 CONVERTER circuit schematic

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