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VFC32 Frequency-to-Voltage Converter Circuit Diagram and Dat

2016-01-17 07:33  
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Thecircuit diagrams the VFC32connected as a frequency-to voltage converter. The VFC32 Frequency to VoltageFrequency-to-Voltage Converter Circuit using VFC32Converter operates on a principle of charge balance, the oscilation processes a long term balance of charge or average current between the input signal current and the refference current.

VFC32 can be operated up to 500kHz, both voltage to frequency or frequency to voltage conversion ability, and used to be applied on FM analog signal mod/demod, integrating A/D converter, isolated data transmission, motor speed control and tachometer.

Read more about thisFrequency-to-Voltage Converter Circuit Diagramin the VFC32 datasheet (source: focus.ti.com).