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speaker to microphone circuit converter

2016-01-17 20:38  
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This circuit is a circuit diagram to convert the speaker into the microphone. In principle When sound waves fall on the diaphragm of a speaker, there will be fluctuations in the coil and the induced voltage will be no small proportion. This induced voltage is usually very large and useful low. Here, the low voltage circuit using a transistor amplified to produce a reasonable output. Transistor Q1 extracted in the general basic mode and produces the necessary voltage gain. Q2 is a follower transistor emitter cable is enough to turn a profit today. The sound quality of this circuit will not be as much as conventional microphones, but reasonable quality can be obtained. To set the circuit, maintaining the preset R2 around 10 Ohms and connect the battery. Now adjust R2 to obtain optimum sound quality. The following is a schematic drawing:

speaker to microphone converter circuit1 speaker to microphone circuit converter

Circuit Power circuit diagram from 9 V PP3 battery. For capacitors must be at least 15V. A speaker 8 Ohm speaker or headphone can be connected to the output to hear the voice vote.

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