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2001 Chevrolet Camaro Main Fuse Block Data Illustration and

2016-10-16 23:57  
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In your Chevrolet Camaro, there are three fuse centers: the main fuse block which is located behind a cover on the driver’s side of instrument panel, the others are located in engine compartment on driver’s side.

camaro fuse block diagram

The schematic above illustratesChevrolet Camaro Main Fuse Block. The usage of each fuse will be described as follows:

1.     Hazard Flashers, Brake Switch Assembly
2.     Traction Control/Second-Gear Start Switch, Back-Up Lamp Switch, Turn Flasher
3.     Steering Wheel Controls
4.     Remote CD Player (Trunk)
5.     Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) Module, Headlamp Switch
6.     HVAC Selector Switch, Rear Defogger Switch/Timer
7.     Parking Lamp Relay, Hatch Release Relay, Power Mirror Switch, Radio, Shock Sensor, Instrument Cluster
8.     Body Control Module
9.     Brake-Transmission Shift Interlock (BTSI), Instrument Cluster
10.   Air Bag System
11.   Cigarette Lighter, Data Link Connector
12.   Rear Defogger Switch/Timer, Power Seats
13.   Steering Wheel Controls Illumination
14.   Wiper Motor Assembly, Wiper/Washer Switch
15.   Power Windows Switch (RH, LH), Express-Down Module, Convertible Top Switch
16.   Door Illum Lamp (R/L), Headlamp Switch, Fog Lamp
Switch, Instrument Cluster, Ashtray Lamp, Radio, Rear Window Defogger Switch/Timer.
17.   Body Control Module (BCM), Radio, Amplifier, Steering Wheel Controls-Radio.