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AV Receivers Datasheet for Home Theater Product Solution

2016-10-17 13:43  
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Home Theater Products Datasheetconsist of two major component, there are AV Receivers and DVD Receivers.Block Diagram of Typical AV ReceiverNowadays, new digital audio formats have a great deal to offer consumers in terms of higher fidelity. But it presented engineering dillemas concerning digital connectivity, content protection, compatibility with new decoding standards and the need for higher data rates throughout the entire audio chain (click to enlarge the image).

In order to give better results, an audio system designer try to perform solutions such as a multichannel analog connection, or down-sampling and/or down-mixing on the digital output. But it sacrified the quality of the high-resolution, multichannel digital content. That is exactly to be a dillema. And it is recommended that the audio system designer must support higher data rates between the source andthe AV receiver.

According to the article below, FireWire™, or IEEE 1394, offers a high-speed serial connection solution. This type of solution offers consumers high-quality digital audio and a system that’s easy to set up. And also there are detailed information abouttheAV receiver component datasheetsuch as TMS320DA61x for Highest Performance DSP, TAS5182 for Stereo Digital Amplifier Power Stage Controller, TAS5076 as Six-Channel Digital Audio PWM Processor, PCM1850 for the Stereo ADC with Input Multiplexer, TSB43CA43A and TSB43CB43A as a 1394a-Integrated Solution, and TSB41BA3/TSB17BA1: 1394b-Compliant Devices.

Read on to find out more aboutAV Receivers Datasheet for Home Theater Product Solutionin this article of pdf filetype at page 4-8 (source: kanecomputing.co.uk).