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A homemade display data logger

2016-10-10 03:53  
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L2 gps Self made data logger

This article is a self-made data logger display. Figure: an amplifier and a current measuring amplifier and measuring bridges are also included on the board. The measured data can be stored in a eepm and / or transmit telemetry or cable to a PalmPilot or a computer. The baud rate telemetry mode is optional. In 1200 and 9600 baud is available. Data rate transfere store data to Palm / PC was increased to 38,400 baud.

log v25e Self made data logger
logg 3 Self made data logger
telepc Self made data logger
Additional sensors:

i v25e Self made data loggerad24 s e Self made data logger

temp s e Self made data loggertel txe Self made data logger

gps s e Self made data logger

Following a modified circuit for the current measurement:

m strom4 Self made data logger

Digital pressure sensor:

Instead of the analog pressure sensor  MPX4100  you can now connect a combined pressure and temperature sensor MS5534A.The connectors which are normaly used by the additional LTC2400 and the connector for the analog variometer signal are used then.The benefit of this sensor is the larger range (300…1100mbar) and the calibration.Attention: To use this sensor the reference voltage must adjust to 3.3 … 3.6V (R1, R2).Besides the sensor must be registered to the logger (use the “Loggerleserprogram” for this reason).

ms5534 Self made data loggerms5534a Self made data logger

Manchester-2 to RS232 Decoder

This decoder is necessary if the bi-phase-code (Manchester-2-code) is used by the telemetry. This feature is configurable by the “Logerleserprogram”.The decoder is installed after the telemetry receiver and transform the Man-2-code to the normally used RS232-code for the PC or Palm.The adjustable resistor adjust the threshold for the used data.The led show if the treshold is exeeded.If RSSI is not available on the receiver then pin6 of the PIC12F629 must be connected to pin1.

man d Self made data logger

Layout for Telemetry-Decoder

The softw1are is in the development phase and can measure only the following signals at the moment.

5 analog channels (4x 10 bit, 1x 8 bit)

1 period duration input, for number of revolutions, speed etc. (16bit, pin 21)

1 frequency input for speed etc. (16bit, pin 6)

1 temperature input (8Bit, DS1820, Pin11)

3 RC channel inputs (additional 1 RC channel for switching the logger ON and OFF, RC0)

In place of the RC channels, the digital outputs of a ADXL202 (acceleration-sensor) can be used. GPS (longitude, latitude and altitude), 38400 baud NMEA interface used Simple vario tone output (pin 13) Additionally it`s possible to use a 24 bit analog digital converter (LTC-2400) for more accuracy.Telemetry data can be transmitted by using Manchester-2-code or RS232 format.

Version V2.9 has an internal `Bootloader` for easier softw1are updates via the RS232-connection (without PIC-burner). (For upgrades connect pin 5 and pin1 of the EEPROM with a 220ohm-resistor and switch the logger on).Automatically recognize of the used EEPROM 24C256 / 24C512 / 24C1024.With version V2.9g you can use the datalogger for more than one flight also after switch of the power of the datalogger.