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LM3900 Schematic and Connection Diagram and Datasheet

2016-10-15 01:48  
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LM3900 is one type op amp that is different from usual operational amplifier. It has some unique characteristics such as Output short-circuit protection, low input biasing current, high open-loop gain, large output voltage swing and etc.

lm3900 ic schematic diagram

schematic and connection diagram

The figure above showsLM2900/3900/3301 schematic and connection diagram. This connection diagram might be used in application such as: RC active filter, tachometer, AC amplifiers, and digital logic gates since specifically to operate off of a single power supply voltage and to provide a large output voltage swing according to the datasheet.

See more about LM3900 Schematic and Connection Diagram in the detailed datasheet of pdf filetype. (source: national semiconductor)