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LM3909 Typical 1.5V Flasher Schematic Diagram and Datasheet

2016-10-10 19:10  
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The schematic diagram below appearsLM3909 Typical 1.5V Flasher circuit. It is known that LM3909 is an oscillator, a monolithic one, which is designed to flash Light Emitting Diodes (LED). According to the datasheet, it may deliver pulses of 2 more volts while operating on a supply of 1.5V by using the timing capacitor.

LM3909 1.5V Flasher Circuit Schematic

The LM3909 features low cost, low voltage and low current drain, with a bright-high current LED pulse and wide temperature range. It can be applied on applications such as flashlight finder, siren for toy fire engine, sawtooth generators, emergency locators, warning indicators and etc.

For full read onLM3909 Typical 1.5V Flasher Schematic Diagramyou may download the LM3909 datasheet here (source: national.com)