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MAX16910 Datasheet, 200mA Linear Regulator for Automotive Ap

2016-10-15 13:39  
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Herein you will find datasheet forhigh voltage linear regulatorthat can be applied inautomotiveand battery operated5V fixed output typical operating circuit diagram of MAX16910systems. It is MAX16910 fromMaxim Integrated Productwhich can deliver load current up to 200 mA, consumes only 20 uA of quiscent current at no load and 1.6 uA when in shutdown.

With operation at -40 C to 125 Cautomotive temperature range, it has thermal shutdown in its features in addition of enable input, short circuit protection, open drain reset output with adjustable delay, user selectable output voltage ( 3.3V or 5V fixed, 1.5V to 11V adjustable with external resistive divider), and can operate through cold-crank conditions.

The circuit diagram above show you 5V fixed-output typical operating circuit of MAX16910 since it can be figured as either fixed output voltage or adjustable output voltage. See more complete about200mA Linear Regulator for Automotive Applicationsin this MAX16910 Datasheet.