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MAX34406 Typical Application Circuit and Datasheet

2016-10-18 09:07  
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Illustration below showsMAX34406 Typical Application Circuit. The MAX34406 is current-sense amplifier that provides perfection reliability. It gives analogue results for each of the four amplifiers that can be provided to an exterior ADC, and comprises four overcurrent comparators with a set 1.0V limit.
MAX34406 Typical Circuit Diagram
All four comparators are practically ORed, and the outcome can be deferred with an outer capacitor before it is fed to a latched typical shut down open-drain outcome pin. This MAX34406 quad current-sense amplifier used to be applied in applications such as Network Switches/Routers, Base Stations Servers, Smart Grid Network Systems, and Industrial Controls.

CompleteMAX34406 Typical Application Circuitcan be download in the MAX34406 datasheet here. (source: maxim-ic.com)