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MAX786 Application Circuit Diagram and Datasheet

2016-10-15 18:44  
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Schematic you may see below appearsMAX786 Application Circuit Diagram. MAX786 known to be dual output power supply controller for notebook computers since it gives you with 3.3V and 5V Buck Pulse Width Modulators (PWM), according to the datasheet.

MAX786 dual ouput power supply application circuit diagram

In thisMAX786 application circuit diagram, the IC converts a 5.5V to 30V input to four outputs and generates two high-power, PWM, switch mode supplies, one at 5V and the other at 3.3V while the 3.3V supply is generated by a current-mode, PWM step-down regulator using two N-channel MOSFETs, a rectifier, and an LC output filter.

See completely aboutMAX786 Application Circuit Diagram and Datasheethere in pdf archive (source: maxim-ic.com)