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NE555 Missing-Pulse Detector Circuit Diagram and Datasheet

2016-10-18 05:27  
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The followingNE555 datasheetincludes another 555 Precision Timers series which is produced byTexas Instrumentssuch NA555, SA555, and SE555. In the datasheet you can find application information for designing monostable operation, astable operation, missing-pulse detector, frequency divider, pulse-width modulation, pulse position modulation and sequential timer using the NE555 series with circuit diagram for each application.

Texas NE555 Missing-Pulse Detector Circuit Diagram

The figure above shows youthe NE555 Missing-Pulse Detector Circuit Diagram. According to the datasheet, this circuitry design can be used to detect a missing pulse or abnormality long spacing between consecutive pulses in a train of pulses. When the pulse spacing is less than the timing interval, the timing interval is retriggered continuously by the input pulse train.

We can make the spacing of pulse a little bit longer, missing the pulse or terminating pulse train to complete the timing interval and thereby generating a specific output pulse (as shown in the datasheet). Please complete read ofNE555 Missing-Pulse Detector Circuit Diagramin the NE555 Datasheet (source: ti.com).