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National LM555 Datasheet, Replacement for SE555/NE555 Series

2016-10-12 11:56  
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The followingLM555 Datasheetconsist of informations about a highly stable device for generating accurate time delaysLM555 Pinout and Connection Diagramor oscillation. As stated in the datasheet, this LM555 is direct replacement for SE555/NE555 since the LM555 has an additional terminals for desireable triggering or resetting.

The illustration beside shows the top view ofLM555 Connection Diagramwhich has 8 pinouts (ground, trigger, output, reset, Vcc, discharge, threshold, control voltage). In the depth read of the datasheet, you will find explanations about LM555 monostable operation, multivibrator running mode, frequency divider, some waveform examples of pulse width modulator (PWM), pulse position modulator, linear ramp, and 50% duty cycle oscillator.


Read more about this555 timer ICwhich can be applied for precision timing, pulse generation, sequential timing, and many more timing application in this National LM555 Datasheet (source: national.com).