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National LM723/723C Voltage Regulator Datasheet

2016-10-15 07:35  
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If you need a voltage regulator designed primarily for series regulator applications you may considerNationalLM723_723C voltage regulator equivalent circuit diagramLM723/723C voltage regulator. This device is used to be applied in a wide range applications such as shunt regulator, current regulator and/or temperatur controller.

ThisLM723/723C voltage regulatorwill supply output currents up to 150mA without external pass transistor, but if you desire any load current you can add an external transistors on it which will drive output currents in excess of 10A possible. LM723?723C has 40V max of input voltage with an adjustable output voltage range from 2V to 37V, according to the datasheet.

In the datasheet you will find typical application circuit diagram of the LM723/723C such as 2-7V Vout Basic Low Voltage Regulator, 7-37V Vout Basic High Voltage Regulator, External NPN/PNP Pass Transistor/Positive Voltage Regulator, Negative Voltage Regulator, Foldback Current Limiting, Positive/NegativeFloating Regulator, Positive/Negative Switching Regulator, Remote Shutdown Regulator with Current Limiting, Output Voltage Adjust andLM723/723C Schematic Diagram.

Follow complete informations about National LM723/723C Voltage Regulator Datasheet in pdf filetype (source: national.com). Or, you may browse another Switching Regulator Datasheet in this blog.