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National LM78LXX Series Datasheet for Solid State Electronic

2016-10-10 10:21  
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Sincethe LM78Lxx seriesare available at several fixed output voltages for the three terminal positive regulators type,?LM78L05 5V 500mA Regulator with Short Circuit Protection Circuit Schematicthis device can be used in the wide range applications such as logic systems, instrumentation, HiFi, and othersolid state electronic equipment.

According tothe National LM78Lxx Series Datasheet, this device has an LM78L05 in micro SMD package, Internal thermal overload protection, Output transistor safe area protection, Internal short circuit current limit, and available in plastic TO-92 and plastic SO-8 low profile package in its feature. You will also find LM78Lxx Electrical Characteristics for the series (LM78L05, LM78L62AC, LM78L82AC, LM78L09AC, LM78L12AC, and LM78L15AC).

A few typical applications for Fixed Output Regulator, Adjustable Output Regulator, Current Regulator, 5V/500mA Regulator with Short Circuit Protection (click figure to enlarge), 0.5V-18V Variable Output Regulator, are given in the circuit schematic within LM78Lxx 3-Terminal Positive Regulators datasheet.

You’re pleased to complete read ofNational LM78Lxx Series Datasheet for Solid State Electronic Equipmentin the pdf filetype link given above (source: national.com)