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Philips PMEG1020EA Schottky Diodes Datasheet for Medium Powe

2016-10-13 20:53  
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A particular type of diode that produced a very low forward-voltage drop is known asSchottky Diode. If efficient use of the available power is mainly important for you, maybe ThePMEG1020EAis suitable option for handheld devices, laptops or temperature controlled circuit boards due to the increasing losses at higher temperatures with limited temperature ranges of the diode.

Schematics PMEG1020EA with a buck converter

Inthe PMEG1020EA datasheetherein, this type of schottky diode launched byPhilipsis a standard diodefor medium power applications with currents up to 1 A, and designed especially to further improve the efficiency of the respective applications. You will find sections such as main parameters ofPMEG1020EAwhich is summarized and compared to other diodes in table, Application example ofPMEG1020EAbattery driven equipment function in converting 3.6V down to 1.5V by using buck converter, and the derived efficiency of temperature dependence.

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