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SCA1000/1020 Series Datasheet, The 2-Axis Automotive Analog

2016-10-11 12:00  
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The SCA1000/1020Automotive Analog Accelerometer Series is a2-axis accelerometerfor X-Y measurement (SCA1000)SCA1000_1020 Accelerometer Recommended Circuit Diagramand Z-Y measurement (SCA1020).  The device was produced by the VTI Technologies which has weight less than 12 g and approximately 9x5x16 mm of its size with PIN pitch is standard 100 mils.

According to the datasheet,The SCA1000/1020 Serieshave the following absolute maximum rating: 20 000 g acceleration (powered or non powered), -0.3 to 5.5 V of supply voltage, -0.3 to (Vdd 0.3V) voltage at I/O pins, and -55 to 125 C for the storage temperature range.

In the datasheet, you will also find a section about measuring directions for both SCA1000 and SCA1020 either X-Y and Z-Y configurations which is given in clear and brief descriptions illustration figure. The electrical connection section will provide you withthe SCA1000/1020 Series 12 pins description diagram and function.

You may complete read ofThe SCA1000/1020 Series, The 2-Axis Automotive Analog Accelerometerin this SCA1000/1020 datasheet (source: vti.fi).