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TDA8160 Pinout Schematic and Datasheet

2016-10-17 18:59  
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Pinout schematic of TDA8160 infrared remote control receiveris illustrated as seen in this diagram below. It such a monolithic IC which is specially designed for amplifying the infrared signals in remote controlled TV, radio or VCR sets, according to the datasheet.

TDA8160 Pin Connection Diagram

Details on theTDA8160 Pinout Schematicare described as follows:

1.  output
2.  open 
3.  supply voltage 
4.  D1 DC bias 
5.  input 
6.  ground 
7.  decoupling 
8.  peak detector 

Complete read onTDA8160 Pinout Schematic and Datasheetcan be download here (source: st.com)